Haritalar API

JavaScript API

The Yandex.Maps service provides a JavaScript programming interface (API) for integrating interactive maps on web pages. Using the JavaScript API, you can:

  • Show an image of an area as a map or satellite picture.

  • Create maps that interact with users.

  • Display objects on the map such as markers, lines, and hints.

  • Search for objects on a map: get object coordinates based on their names, and vice versa.

  • Plan routes.

  • Create custom maps.

Browser compatibility

The API works correctly with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x and later

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.x and later

  • Opera 9.x and later

  • Apple Safari 3.1 and later

  • Google Chrome

For browsers that are operating in compatibility mode with older versions (Quirks mode), we cannot guarantee that the API will work correctly.


The Yandex.Maps API uses the following languages for displaying textual information (control names, copyright lines, and others):

  • Russian

  • Ukrainian

  • Turkish

  • American English

Technical support

If your code is not working with the Yandex.Maps API, try the following:

  1. Search for a description of your issue in the Yandex.Maps API Developers' Club (in Russian). If you cannot find a solution there, submit your question to the club's experts.

  2. Send us a message with a detailed description of the problem by filling out the feedback form.

For more information about the functionality and features of the JavaScript API, read the documentation and see the usage examples: